What is Pata-Cluj?

Pata-Cluj is a social intervention project which uses an integrated approach to social inclusion. Its aim is to prepare the social inclusion of the communities located in Pata Rât and Cantonului area, the most vulnerable group of Cluj Municipality and partly of the Cluj Metropolitan Area. The intervention is done through a multidimensional approach, using interlaced project threads to:

  • Increase the community’s participation in the mainstream society
  • Prepare desegregation and improvement of the housing situation
  • Enhance access to education, creative development and vocational qualification
  • Improve access to health care services
  • Improve employment situation
  • Increase access to social services and improve community security.

Our vision is, on the one hand, to assist the communities in Pata Rât in getting a better quality of life and have an overall better control of their own lives, starting from their living conditions, their education and employability, to their interactions and collaborations with the local authorities. On the other hand, mainstream public services (education, social assistance, employment, health care) will be better prepared to reach out for the most vulnerable groups in the society and to deliver culturally sensitive services.

Pata-Cluj, fully named ‘Social interventions for the de-segregation and social inclusion of vulnerable groups in Cluj Metropolitan Area, including the disadvantaged Roma’ is financed through the ‘Poverty Alleviation Program’, by the Norwegian Financial Mechanism 2009-2014, with the total amount of 4 095 864 EUR.

You can find more details on the project threads and its activities accessing the Project Threads page. More information on the project and the context of its apparition are available accessing the Frequently Asked Questions.