Useful information

Conference host: Intercommunity Development Association Cluj Metropolitan Area, Unirii square no 2, 400133, Cluj-Napoca, România

Venue: Grand Hotel Napoca, Grand Hotel Napoca – 1, Octavian Goga Street, map available here

Contact person: Eva Incze,, 0786 375 805


About Intercommunity Development Association Cluj Metropolitan Area (IDACMA)

Intercommunity Development Association Cluj Metropolitan Area (IDACMA) is a non-profit legal entity of public utility with local and regional focus. The aim of IDA is to contribute to the sustainable development of the Cluj Metropolitan Area, through implementing strategic development projects and offering public services.


About Cluj-Napoca

The Municipality of Cluj-Napoca is the seat of Cluj County and the spiritual and economic capital of Transylvania as well as an influential academic and medical center; the heart of multiculturalism and diversity, Cluj is the city where the past, the present and the future forged the identity and local specifics.


About Pata Rât

The Pata Rât area is one of the most intricate cases of social marginalization in Romania. According to a research report (Raţ C. et all, Participatory Assessment of the Social Situation in the Pata Rât and Cantonului Areas, 2012, United Nations Development Program Romania), around 1.500 people (approximately 300 families) live in in Pata Rât, in four communities near the landfill of Cluj-Napoca.


Airport transfer to the city center:

  • by bus: public transportation line no 5

duration of transfer approximately 30 minutes

timetable Monday till Friday, between 5:10 – 10:38 p.m., waiting time approx. 10 minutes; full timetable availble here

  • by taxi: a taxi station can be found outside the Passenger Terminal Arrivals; details here


Public transport services within the city: for fares and timetables please check the public transportation company’s website here