How can I get involved?

How can you get involved as an institution

Since the beginning of the project we enjoyed the institutional support of our project partners and collaborators in:

  • Facilitating the relationships of people from Pata Rât with local authorities and institutions in meeting community needs, acquiring identity documents, gaining access to health services etc.
  • Consultations on project threads: housing, employment, education, social services etc.
  • Developing awareness raising campaigns regarding the sensible topics of the project: urban social inclusion, domestic violence, inclusion through education and culture etc.

The institution you are working at can make a contribution to the social inclusion of marginalized and vulnerable people through at least one of these threads. If the institution you are working at is interested in one of these threads, please contact our colleague Eva Incze, project assistant, in order to discuss the terms of a future cooperation. Here you have her contact details:, phone 40+786 375 805.

The contribution from your part and of the institution you are working at makes a change to and consolidate public policies in the field and contribute to the creation of a more prosperous and inclusive town. We thank you for your support and participation!

How can you get involved as a company

Your company can support our project by:

  • The direct implication in creating or mediating jobs within the employment thread (details here)
    • Creating or providing jobs at your company or at your partners’ companies
    • Ensuring training or qualification courses at your company or at your partners’ companies
  • Contributions through services or goods
  • Donations given with the occasion of the fundraising campaigns launched through the project: school supplies and basic goods. You can find details about this year’s fundraising campaign for school supplies here.

Irrelevant of its nature, your contribution helps us improve the life conditions of people from Pata Rât, prepare the desegregation of the area and the social and spatial inclusion of 32 families for whom we are providing social housing. We appreciate your investment in an inclusive town!

Please send us a message using the form below, and our colleague, Adrian Răulea, development coordinator will contact you in order to discuss the details of a future cooperation.