The Pata-Cluj team went to a work meeting in Czeck Republic with IQ Roma Servis

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At the end of March a team of Pata-Cluj, formed of Gabi, Juli, Oli and Ioana, met the representatives of the Czeck NGO IQ Roma Servis from Brno. The meeting took place on the 28-29 of March in Brno and consisted in a work meeting on intervention in allocation of social houses. The purpose of the meeting was to consult the methodology the IQ Roma Servis team use in implementing the Housing First project currently running in Brno. Moreover, our colleagues presented the methodology and the working principles of the Pata-Cluj team. During the two days, they met the representatives of Brno municipality to analyze the working method and the services it offers. Furthermore, they had the opportunity to accompany case managers in their visits to multiple families who benefit from social houses through the Housing First project. They thus met both families which already moved in the given houses, but also families about to move in. The Pata-Cluj team also met dr. Stepan Ripka, researcher at the Ostrava University to discuss monitoring procedures of the Housing First project in Brno.

Following the visit, the Pata-Cluj team had the chance to get familiar with principles and working methodologies of the IQ Roma Servis team and exchange professional experiences and particular features of working with people coming from vulnerable communities. IQ Roma Servis is an independent organization set up in 1997 with a role of mediation and support of Roma possibilities, opportunities and determination for their development. It protects their rights and dignity and sustains them to find their social role.

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foto: Ioana Bozan

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