The school supplies fundraising campaign for children from Pata Rât ended this week with the distribution of the fully equipped schoolbags in the community

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The Cluj Metropolitan Area Intercommuniy Development Association’s fundraising campaign ended this week with the distribution of the equipped schoolbags to the children in Pata Rât. Monday, October 3rd, a team coordinated by Adrian distributed to the children from the community the schoolbags received from the Cluj companies which contributed to the second fundraising campaign conducted by Pata-Cluj. Last year’s campaign met a great success, 8 firm and companies donated 220 fully equipped schoolbags which have been offered to children before the youth football championship. That motivated children to attend the cultural-educative events organized by the Pata-Cluj team with the community. During this year’s campaign, 6 companies, firms and their employees offered 152 schoolbags ready to be taken to school by pupils of 0-12 grades from the three communities from Pata Rât (Cantonului, Dallas, Coastei) who attend the Traian Dârjan, Romulus Ladea, Alexandru Borza, Anghel Saligny și Ion Agârbiceanu schools. The school supplies have been offered to children who did not benefit from any other help. After a briefing of the community at the end of last week, our colleagues offered the schoolbags on Monday in the courtyard of the Mobile Unit where children were accompanied by their parents. Children enjoyed the schoolbags and curiously checked their contents. Parents, especially those with many children for which the financial efforts for the beginning of school year were over their possibilities, enjoyed the school supplies equally. Children go more motivated to school and participate actively to the cultural-activities from the project. Most of them attended, on Tuesday and on Wednesday, both the shows and the workshops held by the Clowns without frontiers in two of their schools and in the community.


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